Synonyms and related words:
alienated, antagonistic, antiestablishment, antipathetic, assorted, at cross-purposes, at loggerheads, at odds, at odds with, at variance, at variance with, at war, averse, breakaway, clashing, colliding, conflicting, contradictory, contrary, contrasted, contrasting, counter-culture, cranky, cross, cursory, departing, deviating, deviative, different, differentiated, disaccordant, disagreeable, disagreeing, discordant, discrepant, discrete, discriminated, disharmonious, disinclined, disjoined, disobedient, disparate, disproportionate, dissentient, dissenting, dissident, dissimilar, dissonant, distinct, distinguished, divergent, diverging, divers, diverse, diversified, forced, fractious, grating, heterogeneous, hostile, immiscible, in disagreement, in opposition, inaccordant, incompatible, incongruous, inconsistent, inconsonant, indisposed, indocile, inharmonious, involuntary, irreconcilable, jangling, jarring, many, motley, multifarious, mutinous, negative, nonconforming, opposed, opposing, out of accord, out of whack, perfunctory, poles apart, poles asunder, recalcitrant, recusant, refractory, repugnant, resistant, sectarian, sectary, separate, separated, several, sulky, sullen, unconformable, uncongenial, unconsenting, underground, unequal, unharmonious, unlike, unwilling, variant, varied, variegated, various, varying, widely apart, worlds apart

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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